"Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice"
Author and entrepreneur Dennis Kimbro combines best-selling author Napoleon Hill's law of success with his own vast knowledge of business, contemporary affairs, and the vibrant culture of Black America to teach you the secrets to success used by scores of black Americans, including: Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Selma Burke, Oprah Winfrey, and many others. The result is inspiring, practical, clearly written, and totally workable. Use it to unlock the treasure you have always dreamed of--the treasure that at last is within your reach.  

"Relationship Goals: How to win at dating, marriage and sex"
In Relationship Goals, Pastor Michael Todd digs deep to give you good news and real-life ideas for making the most of your most important relationships. Take a look at
• what it means to choose intentional dating over recreational dating
• how to move on from mistakes you’ve made in the past 
• why love gets stronger after marriage
• what the Bible has to say about sex (hot take: it’s more sizzling than you think)
• why the best friendships have God at the center
Whether you are married, single, or it’s complicated, aiming for the right targets will make all the difference in finding true satisfaction. As it turns out, God’s got the best relationship goals of all for your life. Why settle for less?
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In this book, Dr. Anderson obliterates the myths and illusions of black progress and brings together data and information from many different sources to construct a framework for solutions to the dilemma of Black America. In PowerNomics: The National Plan, Dr. Anderson proposes new principles, strategies and concepts that show blacks a new way to see, think, and behave in race matters. He also includes action steps blacks can take to redesign core areas of life - Education, Economics & Politics.


 24 INFLUENCERS FOR 2024:​​​​

MENTAL HEALTH CHECK: In the midst of these turbulent times, we recommend both men and women seek mental health support
(e.g. ​ - affordable, virtual, confidential help from excellent Black & Brown therapists, whatever your zip code.


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